Holy Hive

After 30 years of being a passionate family of beekeepers, we founded Holy Hive. Our bee honey powder is a healthy, natural, and very convenient alternative to using unhealthy artificial sweeteners or sugars to sweeten food, drinks, and desserts. It is real organic honey that is dehydrated and presented in a powder form.

KeHE's 2022 Trendfinder Golden Ticket Winner

We are beyond excited and thankful to have been selected as one of KeHe's Trenderfinder Golden Ticket Winners. "Selection for brands based on ingredients, innovation, taste, scalability, packaging purpose, and passion." KeHE is one of the largest National food distributors.


It's honey but not sticky and it's not cut with other sugars like most other powdered honeys. I use this in all my cooking that calls for sweetening. I use it powdered, I don't add water to it first. Tastes like you'd expect. Just brought another bag. I use it for my homemade breads. Worth the price!

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My favorite, wouldn't change it for anything. Thank you for giving us this great product.

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I used this to boost up the honey flavor in some baked goods and it was an awesome addition. It was great for baking. It's really good in tea too. I recommend this highly!

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